Applied Cartography and Introduction to GIS
GEOG-2017 EL-01
Instructor: Rahat Naeem

Important Notices

Final Exam Pattern: 9 short answer questions, one topographic map and a map-related exercise.

The paper sheets for the final project can be picked up from room L-350C.

Labs will be in room L-350C.

TA for the course, Ryan Scherbak, can be reached at the Computer Lab on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1 pm to 4 pm. He can also be contacted by email:


Marks (Labs 1-3, Final Project and Mid-Term)

Optional Exercises

These exercises have been prepared by Paul Giroux of City of Sudbury for this class to give you a flavor of cartography in GIS. You do not need to submit these. These are strictly optional.

Exercise Files

Course Outline

Guidelines:     Final Project     Project Plan     Lab-1 Introduction

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